About Us


We believe in open and candid communication between our clients and our attorneys. Keeping each other informed allows our clients to make knowledgeable and efficient decisions. Good communication not only saves our clients money, but informed decisions often lead to desirable results.

Community Involvement

Buzzard O’Rourke is engaged in our community. Whether supporting local team sports and activities, participating in interest groups, pro bono work, or civic and government involvement, we take part in our community.


As attorneys and officers of the court, Buzzard O’Rourke is bound by the rules of confidentiality. We are here to serve the interests of our clients. Our clients’ confidences and secrets, whether personal or business, are closely guarded.


Buzzard O’Rourke is conveniently located at 314 Harrison Avenue, Centralia, Lewis County, Washington, approximately 20 minutes South of Olympia, Washington, and ideally located halfway between Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, along the Interstate-5 corridor.